Family Therapy

«In the family shelter we understand who we are and what the world is like».

The family is the first place where we begin to build our identity – we reflect on the other members and understand who we are and what the world is like. At some point, the family can grow when one of its members decides to start their journey with other people – this is when different ways of seeing life are joined, permeated by the cultural and emotional heritage of those who make it up.

Individual differences and the different ages of the family members allow you to see life from disparate angles that although enriching, are often difficult. When expectations are not met or in the face of vital crises, there is usually a discontent that can be expressed in irritability, disagreement, reproaches, aggressiveness, which manifest the pain that underlies it.

As expert psychologists in family therapy, we will be happy to assist you to understand and heal the family dynamics, with therapeutic strategies for each member of the family.

How is Family Therapy performed?

Initial Contact

From the first evaluation session we want you to feel well-balanced and able to express those things that are hard to say outside a therapeutic space, we respect your rhythms and differences and respect each one equally. We usually ask different types of questions to know you and understand the particularities and needs of the individual family members. Interviews, questionnaires and psychological tests can be conducted as well as records of situations which provide valuable information.


A good intervention depends on a good evaluation, since if we fully understand the dynamics of the situation and all the factors associated with it, the techniques will be more effective and therapy will take less time.

Dialogue and observation allow us to do a good analysis, but we also have various types of interviews, questionnaires and psychological tests that give us valuable information to understand your reality, your resources and personal characteristics. According to the results, a diagnostic impression is established.

Therapy Information

Once we have fully understood your reason for the consultation, we will explain the results to you in detail. It is very important that you understand why you feel like you do, what your strengths are, what aspects can be changed, to set goals to be achieved and that the intervention techniques to be used make a lot of sense to you and therefore, you can apply them more efficiently.


We conduct group sessions to work on the most relevant aspects observed in the evaluation; depending on the needs, some members may have individual sessions. Family therapeutic meetings can be very revealing since thoughts and feelings unknown to the other members of the family are often expressed, which can be very emotional and intense.

Since most problems stem from ill-expressed discontent, we work on trust and bonding through communication and active listening. Socratic dialog is fostered where questions open a world of possibilities and foster self-knowledge and knowledge of others.

On the other hand, through dynamics adapted to your particular characteristics and needs which can include activities to perform both in the sessions and throughout the week, we work on thoughts and emotions to lead you to perform actions that bring benefits to all.


Once you have achieved the goals you established, there will be occasional meetings where we will value how you feel, whether you maintain your achievements or if you need to make any adjustments. These follow-ups will only for a period of time until there is stability in the changes.

Common Reasons for Consultation

Lack of understanding, apathy, lack of communication, disparity in objectives, verbal and physical aggression, manipulation, couple problems affecting the children, children’s problems affecting the couple, incongruity in parenting patterns, separations, divorces, relationships with the extended family, addictions.

Additional Services

Apart from Family Psychological Therapy, we have other options that can meet your needs.

“The message sent is not always the message received”

Virgina Satir

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